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About Us

Excellence Awards Academy (EAA) – based in Dubai, aims to serve as a guide, an inspiration, an archive, and a reward to business people, entrepreneurs, and creators for their skills so that they continue to improve

Our objective is to nurture and promote the innovative spirit of our community allowing it to raise professional and international standards, to promote intellectual and tactical strategies, and to develop an interactive, proactive, and reactive society that aims at providing recognition to leaders in the most superlative way

Fakhr Al Arab International Award 2022

In the new decade of the 20th century, the iconic Burj Al Arab of Dubai hosts the prestigious Fakhr Al Arab award ceremony. It’s an award that honours Arab personalities or leaders of Arab origins who have been most influential contributing to the quality of life of communities around the globe, leaving a socio-economic impact. The nominees shall be personalities of Arab nationality or Arab origins who are pioneers in economic excellence and sustainable development; being in the private or public sector worldwide

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Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. This is why we overdeliver.

"It's fantastic, EAA is doing a wonderful job, it's very very important to recognize excellent work so it can be emulated"
Rob Burns
COO - The First Group - Property Developer

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EAA coach-sulting programs are focused and purposeful aiming to enhance your performance in your role whether you are starting your business, scaling it, leading a successful team, or looking to make a difference in your field


EAA consulting partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

Whether you want to advance an idea, a capability, or the world at large, BCG is with you every step of the way. We excel in business innovation and believe in its power to shape strategic, organizational, economic, societal change, and beyond.

Happy Clients

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. This is why we overdeliver.

"This is really key, bringing people together as a community to celebrate and identify the success, so that other people can also contribute further to the development."
Ross Comak
CEO - Nawras - Oman